The best eSIM data plans for your trip to Europe đŸ‡ȘđŸ‡ș

Prepare your Eurotrip without stress by finding an European data eSIM!

Published: Dec 20, 2021

europe esim plans

OK, so you are going to Europe, or you are already there and you want to discover the old continent, and its countless countries, cultures, museums, monuments and landscapes while avoiding international roaming fees.

That's great ! But now you need to know where to buy the best data SIM card for Europe.

With an international SIM prepaid data card, you can connect to the internet at 4G speed and get mobile data, but that involves purchasing a SIM card in a store locally or at the airport, waiting in line, almost always having to present your ID or passport and swapping your current SIM card with newly bought one !

Instead, what if you decided to get an eSIM card for your trip to Europe without any of this hassle ?

What European eSIM plans will we review ?

We will focus on eSIM plans (see here if you don't know what's an eSIM or if you don't know if your device supports eSIM) that offer a substantial amount of data, valid for a decent amount of time, meaning for people who will be travelling and in need of network connectivity for at least one week (business trip, digital nomad, long holidays, etc.) and available in multiple countries. We will therefore focus on international data plans:

  • - That are compatible in all Europe or most European countries, in the sense that they cover at least the 27 countries of the European Union

  • - That offer 5GB or more of mobile data

  • - That are valid for a minimum of 7 days (which is the minimum to enjoy a trip in Europe anyway).

The best options for European eSIM data plans

eSIM Mogo: the best eSIM plan for Europe in terms of value and for large data usage

eSIM Mogo, a China based provider, offers two great plans for Europe, which include a large amount of data and are both valid for a month.

They are both compatible in different countries of Europe (32 countries for the first offer, 36 for the other) and can be used as a wi-fi hotspot, making those plans ideal for digital nomads who need to connect through their laptop.

With an average of $1/GB, those two 60GB and 100GB plans are perfect if you have a heavy data usage and are very competitive.

See for yourself :

Orange and MySIM : the best plans for reasonable data users

Now, if you require less data for your trip you might be interested in cheaper plans !

Orange, a France based historical provider, and MySIM a french MVNO, both offer very competitive plans for tourists travelling in Europe.

Orange recently introduced their “Orange Holiday” eSIM plans (their Orange Holiday sim cards plans have been famous among tourists for years) which offer 8GB and 20GB of data for a reasonable price, and include a french phone number with Voice-time and SMS.

MySIM offers a lighter European plan that includes 5GB of data, and is compatible in most countries of the European Union.

Other European eSIM plans ?

We have around 80 European eSIM plans from more eSIM providers to present here. Feel free to send us any plan you think might be missing from this list !

What about data sim cards ?

On, we are convinced that prepaid eSIM plans are the future of prepaid plans and mobile data, and that physical data sim cards as well as roaming fees will become a thing of the past. In Europe, it's quite easy to get a data sim card, but not seamless: you either have to order it before you arrive, or buy it when you arrive. If you're in for that, websites like will help you find physical sim cards if your device is not compatible, but for now only focuses on eSIM plans.

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