How to get an (almost) free eSIM data plan in 2023

With an eSIM compatible device, you can get up to 500MB of mobile data for 0.10€

Published: Aug 7, 2022

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Last year, we covered ways you could get 1GB of data for free thanks to a loophole in eSIM provider's referral programs. Unfortunately, this method is now expired as providers changed their pricing and rules. But we got you covered with another method (only valid through our website, and this time, it works in many countries.

Get 500MB of almost free mobile data with Yesim.

If you're stuck in an airport, lost in the middle of nowhere abroad, or just want free data, we are happy to announce you'll be able to get 500MB of mobile data for only 0.10EUR as a new user with Yesim.

Steps to follow :

- Go on Yesim's eSIM marketplace.

- Create your Yesim account You must be a new user for the offer to work.

- Login from inside the app.

- Once you're logged-in you will see Yesim's "FREE 500 MB" offer. At this stage, you will still be asked to pay 0.10€. This is not really free, but a very decent price for what you will get !

- Pay, install your eSIM, and enjoy your data ! The 500MB work in 130 countries.

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