Get 1GB of FREE Internet Data instantly with eSIM

Many eSIM providers provide some data for free as you subscribe and get your first eSIM. Here is a great tip to get a couple of Gigabytes for free using Airalo

Published: Dec 30, 2021

Airalo eSIM free $3 Voucher

We all know this is situation : "being out of data", which is a situation nobody likes to be in. We have all know how frustrating it is to get your internet speed throttled to 3G speed (even 2G) or simply blocked because you reached your limit of internet data.

If you own an eSIM compatible device, we have two solutions to for you to get a free (solution 02 is almost free) data eSIM for which you can get up to 2GB. Don't get us wrong, 2GB of data will not get you last you long, especially if you're a heavy internet user. But this is free data, so it is better than nothing, right ?

Solution 1 : Get a free Airalo eSIM with our voucher code - 1GB, 2GB of data depending on your destination (EXPIRED)

Edit - December 2021 : Airalo has adjusted their prices and this tip might not be valid anymore : you know may have to spent $1 or $2 to get an 1GB or 2GB eSIM using our $3 voucher.


  • An eSIM compatible device (iPhone 11 / XR / XS / Google Pixel 3) with no eSIM currently in use.

  • An internet connexion (even a slow connexion will work) on your phone or computer.

  • An email address, with no Airalo account.

How to get your free Airalo data eSIM

Airalo is an eSIM provider which offers eSIMs for tourists in hundreds of countries. The Singapore based startup quickly got its place on the eSIM providers scene (they launched quite recently) thanks to its beautiful and simple user experience and its super affordable eSIM plans.

Airalo offers a referral program, and if you subscribe using our referral link, you will get ($3) in AirMoney (Airalo's currency) to buy an eSIM. So, to get your free data, here is what to do:

01. Go to this page (our referal link) to generate the $3 Airalo Voucher :

02. On (got to the website, don't use the mobile app), subscribe for an account. Don't forget to add this Voucher code as your subscribe: W3L0V3D7TA

Register your account on Airalo

03. Log into your Airalo account. After registering, you will notice you already have $3 of Airmoney (Airalo's currency) in your account.

Airalo airmoney

04. Buy an eSIM using your AirMoney. Browse (local) eSIMs, find the one you need, and buy it ! During Checkout, you will have the several payment options. Choose "AirMoney" to use your Airalo credit for payment.

Most eSIM on Airalo cost more than $3, which means you will have to spend a couple of out of pocket money to get your eSIM. But in some countries, data is cheaper, which means that you want get a Gigabyte of internet data or two using your AirMoney only. Below, we have listed a couple of Airalo eSIM plans that are worth $3 or less.

Buy eSIM airmoney Airalo

05. Setup you eSIM. Follow Airalo's instructions to setup your eSIM on your device.

(06. Get more free data : refer friends using your own Affiliate link to give them $3 or AirMoney, and get $3 AirMoney too when they buy !)

Airalo eSIM plans that are worth $3 or less :

United states - USA Roam 1GB ($3)

USA eSIM roam 1GB
  • Price: $3 ($3/GB)

  • 1GB of LTE data (no calls or texts)

  • Valid 7 days

  • Operates on T-Mobile and Verizon

  • Top-ups available on Airalo, rechargeable online with no expiry

  • Tethering Enabled

Malaysia - Sambungkan 1GB ($3)

Capture d'écran 2020-04-17 11.40.03

  • Price: $3 ($3/GB)

  • 7GB of LTE data (no calls or texts)

  • Valid 7 days

  • Top-ups available on Airalo, rechargeable online with no expiry

  • Tethering Enabled

Portugal - Fofo Mobile 1GB ($3)

Portugal esim FOFO mobil 1Gb

  • Price: $3 ($3/GB)

  • 7GB of LTE data (no calls or texts)

  • Valid 7 days

  • Top-ups available on Airalo, rechargeable online with no expiry

  • Tethering Enabled

Solution 2 : Get a €0.10 Yesim eSIM with 100Mb of data (EXPIRED)

Yesim, another eSIM provider, has created a special data plan aimed at introducing technology to beginners to smoothen your travel experience.

Their very competitive offer provides access to 100MB of data traffic in 137 countries around the world for €0.10.

Yesim's limited time offer

How to get your almost free Yesim eSIM

Follow these steps:

00. Access Yesim's market place

01. Click on the "limited time offer" 100MB €0.10 offer

02. Check if you have a compatible device.

03. Purchase Yesim's special data plan.

04. Create a Yesim account.

05. Install the eSIM profile on your device.

06. Ready! The fast and stable internet is waiting for you on your device and you are ready to connect you anywhere in the world. After confirming registration, the privilege screen will be displayed. The rate plan is effective immediately after purchase and lasts for 30 days. 

yesim offer

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