Choosing the Best Prepaid eSIM Plan in Denmark: An Ultimate Guide

Confused about prepaid eSIM plans in Denmark? Our comprehensive guide simplifies the process, highlighting the best plans to suit your communication needs

Published: Jun 4, 2023


Planning a trip to Denmark? Although small in size, Denmark has plenty going for it. You can explore its gorgeous coastline and learn about its culture and amazing design. But whether you're visiting for Tivoli or Legoland or to discover its castles and beautiful outdoors, you'll need mobile data to have a comfortable experience.

If you're planning a Danish adventure, connectivity might be a concern. Navigating the Danish mobile landscape is tricky due to a shift in focus from prepaid to postpaid services by key operators like TDC/YouSee, Telia Denmark, Telenor Denmark, and 3 Denmark over the past decade. This leaves Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) like Lebara Denmark and Lycamobile Denmark as the go-to for those seeking prepaid services.

Denmark's prepaid scene can be challenging for travelers because of the requirement for a Danish personal number, called a CPR-number, to activate and register certain prepaid SIM cards.

While eSIMs are not yet offered by local operators to prepaid customers as of 2023, the Denmark eSIM from Airalo, a third-party provider, is a viable option. Physical prepaid SIM cards can be found in local shops like 7-Eleven, though availability may vary.

With a bit of understanding and foresight, you can navigate Denmark's mobile landscape smoothly and stay connected throughout your journey thanks to an eSIM.

If you've never heard about eSIMs before – don't worry! In this article, we explain how they work and where you can find the best prepaid eSIM plans in Denmark. Let's jump in!

What is an eSIM?

With an eSIM, you won't have to waste your precious time standing in long queues at Copenhagen Airport (or deal with the challenging mission of finding a SIM store somewhere in the city). An eSIM is integrated into a mobile device, which eliminates the hassle of swapping cards whenever you want to change. 

This relatively new technology is the future of mobile connectivity. If you don't believe us, have a look at the facts. Apple's introduction of the iPhone 14, a device exclusively utilising eSIMs, speaks for itself!

If you're interested in purchasing an eSIM for Denmark, the first step is to determine if your phone is compatible. Fortunately, most newer generation devices support eSIMs. To make your life easier, we've created a list that covers all the phones compatible with eSIMs. You can find it here.

Once you've confirmed your phone's compatibility, it's time to discover the ideal plan for your needs. Visit and utilise our search tool to find the best eSIM deals available for Denmark, or – if you're feeling lazy – have a look at our recommendations below.

The best prepaid eSIM plans in Denmark


When looking for the best eSIM options for Denmark, you shouldn't overlook Yesim. The mobile internet solution operates across more than 120 countries and provides swift, dependable, and secure connectivity. Clients of Yesim appreciate the user-friendliness and the wide range of payment methods available. Here are some of the best Yesim plans.

For short trips

Yesim Denmark 3GB

If you're visiting Denmark for just a couple of days and don't need much data, we'd recommend you to get this plan as it offers the best price per GB. For $3.17 (with our voucher 'ESIMSIO'), you can get 3GB of data that must be used within 7 days.

Pros for the plan:

  • Excellent price

  • Local plan

Cons for the plan:

  • No information available on coverage and speed

For trips in Denmark & other European countries

Yesim European Union 3GB

Travelers who plan on visiting several countries can also get Yesim's plan, 'Yesim European Union 3GB'. For $3.17 (with our voucher 'ESIMSIO'), you'll get the same amount of data (3GB) that must be used in five days. The only difference – this is a regional eSIM, which means it will work in 30 other European Countries.

Pros for the plan:

  • Good price

  • It works in the European Union (you can use it in several countries)

Cons for the plan:

  • No information available on the coverage and speed


Adventurers who have used eSIMs before are typically well-acquainted with Airalo because it is one of the biggest (and best) eSIM providers on the market. If you're looking for good connectivity combined with a friendly price, you must look at Airalo's offerings. Its plans operate on the Telenor network in Denmark, which is considered the best both speed-wise and coverage-wise. 

According to OpenSignal, the download speed is 23.6 Mbps, the upload speed is 9.2 Mbps, and the latency – 31.9 -ms.

For long trips

Teledansk - 20GB

Those who are planning on spending a couple of weeks in Denmark or need more mobile data will surely be impressed by Airalo's plan 'Teledansk - 20GB'. With our voucher 'May15”, you can get it for $27,20 (instead of $32). This 4G eSIM includes 20GB of mobile data that should be used in 30 days.

Pros for the plan

  • Good price for the value

  • You get access to Denmark's best mobile operator

Cons for the plan

  • No 5G access


20 GB

Validity30 day(s)

đŸ‡©đŸ‡° Denmark

Data only

Network(s) : Telenor (4G)


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Although eTravelSim is a new player in the eSIMs market, it's quite promising. So if you're looking for an eSIM with a big data allowance, this is the one for you.

For heavy data users

Denmark eSIM 25GB - 30 Days

eTravelSim and its plan 'Denmark eSIM 25GB - 30 Days' will be the perfect choice for digital nomads, as it includes quite a lot of data (25 GB) for an adequate price – $39. If you decide to purchase this plan, you'll have to use it up within 30 days. 

Pros for the plan

  • Big data allowance

  • Still a good price (compared to other similar options on the market)

Cons for the plan

  • No information available on the network or the connection speed


25 GB

Validity30 day(s)

đŸ‡©đŸ‡° Denmark

Data and Phone number*


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How to choose the right eSIM plan for you?

Determining your ideal eSIM plan depends on your specific requirements and preferences. If you're a tourist requiring substantial data usage, opting for packages with larger data allowances will be advantageous. 

On the other hand, for those on a budget, it's recommended to search for the most affordable price per GB. 

Also – remember to pay attention to the plan's validity period. Some are only a few days, while others can be used within a couple of months.


Looking for the best Denmark travel tips? Roaming internationally is something you want to avoid while traveling in the country. Not only will you pay a huge bill – the internet connection won't be that good either. Using a prepaid eSIM is a fantastic solution that's cheaper plus much more convenient.

For a short trip, get your hands on one of Yesim's plans. Or – if you need more data and a stable connection – opt for Airalo, which roams on Denmark's best network. Remember – you can always compare plans on our website or read our blog for more information on choosing the best plans.


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