Providers / MOGO eSIM




Data plan information


1 GB



15 day(s)

Covered destinations

18 countries

  • Plan rechargeable: true
  • Phone number included: false
  • SMS included: false
  • 1. The eSIM will be valid for 180 days after purchase. 2. You can only purchase data packages for the countries/regions that your current eSIM support. 3. eSIM is not refundable after purchase. 4. Any unused data packages will be void after the expiration of the eSIM. 5. Please do not delete the eSIM profile once it has been installed. If the user experiences any network problems such as no internet connection, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support online chat to seek assistance. If the user deletes the eSIM profile without contacting Customer Support for troubleshooting, they will no longer be eligible for a refund and no refund will be issued. Capacity info: unlimited 2G (128 kbps) afterwards Valid for: 30 Day(s)

    Compatible countries

    🇦🇺 Australia

    🇨🇳 China

    🇭🇰 Hong Kong SAR China

    🇮🇩 Indonesia

    🇯🇵 Japan

    🇰🇭 Cambodia

    🇰🇷 South Korea

    🇱🇦 Laos

    🇲🇲 Myanmar (Burma)

    🇲🇴 Macau SAR China

    🇲🇾 Malaysia

    🇳🇿 New Zealand

    🇵🇭 Philippines

    🇷🇺 Russia

    🇸🇬 Singapore

    🇹🇭 Thailand

    🇹🇼 Taiwan

    🇻🇳 Vietnam